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Example of Executive Agreement

June 24, 2022No comments

As someone who works in SEO, it`s important to understand the various legal agreements that businesses and individuals may enter into. One such agreement is an executive agreement, which is often used in international relations. In this article, we`ll explore what an executive agreement is and provide an example of how it may be used.

What is an Executive Agreement?

An executive agreement is a legal document entered into by the executive branch of the government, without the need for approval from Congress. These agreements may be used in a variety of contexts, but are often used in international relations to establish cooperation between countries. Unlike treaties, which require approval from two-thirds of the Senate, executive agreements can be made with just the President`s signature.

Executive agreements are often used for matters that are not considered significant enough to require a full treaty, but still require some level of cooperation between countries. For example, an executive agreement may be used to establish a framework for exchanging scientific information between two countries, or to establish a mutual recognition of each other`s standards for certain products.

Example of an Executive Agreement

One example of an executive agreement is the US-Canada Air Quality Agreement. This agreement was signed in 1991 by the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada, and established a framework for cooperation on air quality issues. The agreement established a joint commission to monitor air pollution along the US-Canada border, and set up formal mechanisms for sharing information and coordinating efforts to address air quality issues.

The US-Canada Air Quality Agreement is an example of an executive agreement because it was established by the executive branch of both governments, without requiring approval from either country`s legislative branch. The agreement has been renewed multiple times since it was first signed, and has helped to improve air quality along the US-Canada border.


Executive agreements are an important tool for establishing cooperation between countries in a variety of contexts. While they are not as formal as treaties, they can still be legally binding and can have a significant impact on international relations. Understanding how executive agreements work and what they can be used for is an important part of working in SEO, as it can help you better understand the legal landscape in which businesses and individuals operate.

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